Sheltered in a snow cave on Mount Elbrus in 1990,  Dan Egan stared into the mouth of a storm on the tallest peak on the European continent, a merciless mountain which claims more lives per year than Everest. When he emerged from that storm alive, while so many had perished, he had no idea the white haze of that storm would impact the next thirty years of his life the way it did. 


In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Dan and John Egan, known as the Egan Brothers, would be seen on the Discovery Channel, ESPN, and were featured in 12 Warren Miller Ski Films. They found their place in history as story tellers and east coast renegades of the sport and were inducted into the US. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame in 2017.


"Thirty Years in a White Haze: Dan Egan’s Story of Worldwide Adventure and the Evolution of Extreme Skiing" is a tale of trials, success, and loss told through worldwide adventure and the evolution of extreme skiing as 30 years of haze dissipates to clarity. 

Thirty Years in a White Haze