By: Bill Fallon With Dan Egan

Courage To

Courage to Persevere is a true, heroic account of Bill Fallon's battle with a rare birth defect and his recovery. On November 29, 1990 Bill Fallon learned that he had two Arterial Venous Malformations while being checked for persistent headaches he had suffered since childhood.


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            ourage to Persevere is a true, heroic account of Bill Fallon's battle with a rare birth defect and his recovery. Fallon one

            of the original “Hot Doggers” of the 1970’s was the youngest competitor in the first ever “Freestyle” contest held in North America at Waterville Valley. Hall of Famer Wayne Wong won the contest.

Egan and Fallon became friends in the 1900’s. They met on the slopes of Waterville Valley and quickly found a common bond via their passion for storytelling and skiing. Their shared interest in skiing as well as sailing provides the perfect lens in which to tell this dramatic and life changing story of how Bill Fallon survived two Arterial Venous Malformations better known as AVM’s.


This is a story about facing some of life's toughest challenges and finding a way to rebuild one's life--learning to walk, read and live again. It is a testament to mental focus, hard work and the strength that comes from close friends and family.


Bill Fallon, one of America's most successful real estate dealmakers and a former professional ski racer, relates how a strong family and a focus on returning to skiing helped with his physical and psychological healing. With an introduction by Merv Griffin Thousands of people have serious surgery every year; this book is an inspirational tale that can help with any patient's recovery.


In the book, family, skiing and sailing play the background for self-discovery, forgiveness and healing. Egan and Fallon wrap their arms around these themes and display a life-changing story through the lens of nature, passion and courage.


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Dan Egan


             an Egan, first known as a world-renowned extreme                   skier he is now considered a pioneer of extreme sports. He appeared in 12 Warren Miller Ski Films from 1985-1995 with his brother John and is known for skiing the most remote regions of the world. In 2001 Powder Magazine named him one of the most influential skiers of our time and he was inducted into the US Skiing & Snowboarding Hall of Fame in 2016.


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