By: Dan Egan & Eric Wilbur

Thirty Years in a
White Haze

Dan Egan’s Story of Worldwide Adventure and the Evolution of Extreme Skiing


"Rarely if ever has the ski bum life been told as authentically and honestly as in White Haze. Written with remarkable candor and introspection, the book is a chronicle of his nearly primal pursuit of skiing. From the tension of sibling rivalry to the realities of an athlete getting older, Dan Egan has penned a fearless personal and cultural history of one of the most dynamic eras in skiing. Not only is it a must-read for fans of the sport, especially those whose jackets are patched with duct tape, it’s a page-turning confessional of a career spent on multiple edges."

-Steve Casimiro, former editor of Powder Magazine and current editor of Adventure Journal

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Foreword by Tony Horton

"IT’S SO FASCINATING HOW MEETING one person can steer your life in a completely new direction. Meeting Dan Egan did that for me. Maybe it’s a New England thing—we hit it off almost immediately and the symbiotic relationship made it easy to brainstorm and collaborate on various projects. We were just a couple of entrepreneurs looking to work together and have a positive effect on others. From my appearances on his TV show to ski retreats at Squaw Valley and funky hills like Sugar Bowl in Tahoe, CA, Dan provided opportunities for me that altered my life dramatically. Dan has always strived for a BIG life, and he never hesitates to share that with others, so you can reach outside your comfort zone and succeed..."

“In the mountains I have been blessed to live multiple life times. This book is my attempt to put a lifetime dedicated to skiing in perspective and provide context and understanding for those who helped along the way.”

- Dan Egan -

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"You know when you read something and have no doubt that the person writing it was there for it all... That is this book for sure. 30 Years in a White Haze is truly authentic. You can tell Dan lived, breathed and loved extreme skiing his entire career and put his life on the line time after time and lived to tell the story... This book is the raw, truthful and candid accounts he experienced as a skier. Dan is a true storyteller."

- Justin Koski, Executive Director of the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame

"Dan Egan, alongside his brother John, was a big, famous deal in the world of skiing, for several decades. One of THE most colorful characters in an already colorful industry, this book about his spectacular career and life is not to be missed. Even if you don't ski, to read about a man who lived life to his fullest, is an inspiration to help you also live your life, to the fullest. Not only that, much like you hope an adventure story to be, 30 Years In a White Haze is one hell of a page-turner. "

- Kristen Ulmer, Former best-in-the-world pro skier and author of The Art of Fear.